December 22, 2011

Work in progress

Lines with thin 5 and 9, hopefully I'll finish it next week...
tommy's grandpa would love this tattoo... RIP


...not for straight copies! Plz, have respect... I love this foreword, is something that everybody got to learn. Anyway, amazing book for old/new school lovers. Buy it! ;-)

Pain! Pain! Pain!

Weird session today at studio... our friend had a couple of tattoos in one time from my collegues...

My mates (# 3 issue)

The liner machine that I use and I like more... It's a Jensen replica made by Mao, works with short springs. Smooth and soft for needles from 1 to 9. Nothing more to say... it's just great...

Black day

I like to play with b&w... not often... but I still love it...


I'm back again... I know, lot of time passed from last post, you know, it's christmas time! Anyway, here the bible for psycho people like me that love to know everything about tattoing, even how to build a machine... it's and magazine edited by eikon ( in 2001 with collaborations of famous tattooists like Ciferri... a cult...

December 11, 2011

Work in progress

This is a job that I love... a sort of tibetan skull with lilies and a chinese textile pattern for background... lots of particulars on a tiny arm... never ending... :) :) :)


Ballpoint pen is cool... I've tons of sketches like this, stay tuned!


Just married...

Walking disaster

Girls....... ;)

December 4, 2011


Love kills... but it's funny!

Fresh meat! S**t camera!

It's unbelivable! In these days I cannot set up my photo camera, shit pictures again...  it's a couple of years that I have it and it's like I never switched on...
I regret about I hadn't my 35 mm film camera still with me...
I'm thinkin about throw it away and buy a new one... mmmh...
anyway, this is a Sri Lanka mask that I did today... I promise you, I'll take new (and good) pictures in next days... as usual, stay tuned!


Pure fuel for your hot rod heart from an illustrator king...
Jeral Tidwell rules!
The website, is amazing!

December 1, 2011

My mates (# 2 issue)

I like rotary machines, but I had a strange feeling using them...but not with this one!
Just adjust voltage and it runs perfectly for shading or full black... and lines! Oh yes, finally a rotary that grants straight lines! (

Step by step...

Lines, shadows, colors... done!