November 28, 2011


Everybody love this sketch... Elvis is not dead ;-)

Work in progress

Working on the bot (see previous -> Really sorry for pictures, they're horrible... sometime is really hard to get good pictures of tattoos, and I'm a photographer too! In next days I will spent a post about taking pictures...

Look into my pupils...



Goin' on flowers....


"...oh girls just want to have flowers..."

November 26, 2011

My mates (# 1 issue)

This is my favourite one at all... and it's a shader! Builded by MAO ( it's a super smooth machine with a average long soft stroke... shades are more shaded than in reality ;-)
Personally, I use also with big liner needles (9 or +), going slowly, for big lines straight and black as an interstate...
It needs low volts to work properly... but it works great also if you want it more nervous and faster, with a couple of volts more...

Gold mask

Missing some red in the background...
client in a hurry... or maybe he just finished batteries... :)


I really love this book! Great artists, cool graphics... anything you need for a full color trip!
Available @

November 24, 2011

Project # 1

the #1 HoundDog Tattoo machine is coming!
Just bought this raw brass frame and coils from web...
Stay tuned!

Sketches! of swallows

Black day

As you probably saw in old pictures, I'm more into other styles than black 
tribals but sometime my geometrical side comes out...
here the result...

Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2011

In late, but here the pictures... Did them in Barça Tattoo Expo 2011, end of september.
Cool expo in a wonderful city...

November 19, 2011


Here some of my day mates... I will describe them in next posts one by one.
Tecnical elements, builders, working application, bla bla bla... stay tuned!

Work in progress

Self destruction of an automatic Elvis...


My best model.. ;-)

Cover up! (work in progress)

Freehand cover up! Drawed... tattoed... done!


Bought in Copenaghen Inkexpo, I met the author as well.
Amazing book about history of tattoing in north of Europe, full of pictures of ancient shops, tattoos, drawings and stencils!
Other info:

November 17, 2011


Beware of diamonds!

Work in progress

Here one, that I really want to finish soon. Let's go Henry!
Old school is always on my mind... but my hand draw new school!
(script is not mine)


Pirates, tibetan skull & maple leaves... need more?

Blue tiger & hummingbird

Old job... I really like to reinterpret japanese style... (script is not mine, thank god...)

November 15, 2011


First sketches... thousand are coming!

Copenaghen Inkexpo 2011

Art fusion @ Copenaghen Inkexpo 2011... first from right side... ;-)

Copenaghen Inkexpo 2011

HoundDog @ Copenaghen InkExpo, 4/6 November 2011 (


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